Kerber Tile, Marble and Stone offers a wide variety of services to meet your ceramic tile and stone needs. Whether it is a simple grout repair to an elaborate stone kitchen backsplash, we have the experience and attention to detail to do the job right the first time.


Tile work in the bath can be as simple as a small floor to a large shower and intricate wainscot. Tiles can greatly vary in size from as small as a quarter of an inch to as large as 24 inches, and even larger. All of the pieces can be made of the same or different types of materials. Over the years, traditional 4-1/4 inch ceramic wall tile has given way to larger modular ceramic, porcelain and stone.


When using tile in a shower, the configuration is unlimited. You are not limited to standard dimensions or the locations of faucets, shelves and benches. The amount of options for tile size, design and detail are astronomical. Some items to consider when thinking of shower tile are the height of the tile, type of material, accessories such as seats, shelves, niches and fixtures, layout and design of tile. This can quickly become overwhelming, which is why KTMS specializes in tile work design and layout. If you have some of your materials selected, we can help you with the final project design. We specialize in steam showers and barrier-free (handicap accessible) showers.


The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. They are increasingly becoming a location for entertaining as well as food preparation and cooking. Why not make it as durable as possible? Tile and stone floors have passed the test of time with many outlasting the buildings themselves. Designs in tiles and sizes are infinite. Because we are entertaining more often in our kitchens, why not make them the showpiece of the home? Kitchens are not only functional, but can also be as simple or elaborate as your imagination reaches.

Countertops and Slabs

The durability of stone and quartz countertops is unmatched. We can supply and install new countertops or slabs wherever you may want them. Whether it is slate, limestone, marble, onyx, granite or quartz, we will help you determine which material should be used in any given application. Most countertops are made from the same type of material, but some countertops are made with dimensional ceramic and stone tiles in lieu of slabs.


One of the most decorative and noticeable tile locations in the home or office is the backsplash. Backsplashes tend to be the first thing anybody notices when entering a room. It can be a simple tile with a decorative liner or a custom-cut stone with multiple details. Most ornate backsplashes contain many different types of materials and sizes and can be made to be as unique as you are.


Mankind has been using fire for heating and cooking for thousands of years. Fireplaces can be tiled or feature slabs for their surrounds and hearths. Using a combination of different materials is also a possibility. They can be as simple as a small surround or as intricate as a full floor to ceiling installation. Local codes may dictate the design and size of the hearth and surround. We are familiar with local building and mechanical codes and can create a masterpiece for your fireplace needs.


Floors take the most abuse of any interior surface, so they need to made of the best and longest lasting materials available. Ceramic tile is a great choice. Tile is not just for the bathroom, but for kitchens, foyers, laundry rooms, mudrooms, entertainment spaces, bar areas, porches, and even bedrooms. Floors can have small, large or even multiple sizes, shapes and colors of tile or stone. They can also be incorporated with heating elements to keep them warm in the colder months; tile is naturally cool in the summer months.

Exterior Work

Exterior tile projects have very specific installation procedures. Besides the usual installation methods, three very important things need to be addressed when installing tile exterior: water and moisture management, frost resistance, and thermal expansion. We have many successful exterior tile installations and can help you with many different types of exterior tile and stone applications..

Special Projects
  • Barrier-free Showers (Curb-less or Handicap Accessible Showers)

    Very specific waterproofing procedures must be followed in building a curb-less shower. Generally, the entire bathroom is waterproofed and sloped to control water and moisture migration.

    Steam Showers

    When building a steam shower, vapor migration must be controlled. Only specific water-proofing materials are classified for steam room use. Insulation values in wall cavities, sloped ceilings and vapor breaks must be considered.

    Hand-made Tile

    There are many hand-made tile manufacturers in the Twin Cities area. We can work with these manufacturers to customize your tiles in order to make your installation as unique as you are.

Other Services
  • Tile and grout repair, cleaning, sealing and staining.
    If the same tile is available, chipped or cracked tiles can be replaced. Some tiles can be repaired. Dirty or dingy grout from years of use and wear can be brought back to its original color. We can clean and then seal your existing grout for ease of ongoing maintenance. We are also able to stain existing grout to match or change a color. We can help you with regular maintenance products and procedures
  • Matching Old or Existing Tile
  • Selection and project layout and design
  • At Kerber Tile, Marble and Stone, Inc., we have our own showroom where we can meet with you personally to discuss your project needs and requirements. We can address your concerns and desires about design, layout, color and, of course, costs. We also work with many design centers in the Twin Cities area and can meet with you at the design centers or manufacture showrooms to help with material selections. We, along with the design professionals at these locations, have the knowledge and ability to help with selections and questions.
  • Glass and ornamental tile installation
  • Glass tiles have become very popular over the last decade. The manufacturing processes for glass tiles are very unique and so is their installation. The installation process for glass tiles is very different than that of regular ceramic tiles. It takes a higher degree of expertise and attention to detail to install glass tile. It also takes special setting materials and specific preparation of the substrate when installing glass tile. Specific adhesive materials must be used for specific types of glass tiles. In other words, the installation of all glass tiles is not the same. There are different installation techniques for each type of glass tile.